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Skinfood 皇家蜂蜜精华女王面霜

Moisturize complexion from the inside out! A honey rich cream to moisturize and soothe dry, rough skin. A rich, moisturizing cream that helps restore glow and hydration for a radiantly illuminated complexion. A targeted formula features Queen’s Multi Nutri™ extract, which helps lock in long-lasting moisture. Honey is aged with a special Honey BIO60™ process for a more potent, nutrient rich extract.​


由内而外滋润肌肤!富含蜂蜜的面霜,可滋润和舒缓干燥、粗糙的皮肤。一款丰富的保湿霜,有助于恢复光泽和水合作用,打造容光焕发的肤色。针对性配方含有 Queen's Multi Nutri™ 提取物,有助于持久锁住水分。蜂蜜经过特殊的 Honey BIO60™ 工艺陈化,以获得更有效、更营养丰富的提取物。

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