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Skinfood Royal Honey Essential 女王精华液

A honey rich serum for a beautiful glow.
A luxurious, royal honey serum formulated with Queen’s Multi Nutri™ extract and aged Honey BIO60™ extract for a flawless glow.
ⅤUse as primer to hydrate and nourish complexion for flawless makeup application.​

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一种奢华的皇家蜂蜜精华液,采用 Queen's Multi Nutri™ 提取物和陈年蜂蜜 BIO60™ 提取物配制而成,带来完美无瑕的光泽。

How To Use

After toner, dispense a few pumps and smooth onto face in circular motions.

Rating & Reviews

Royal Honey Essential 女王精华液