Amini 头皮和头发清爽洗发水

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This shampoo will eliminate your scalp and pore concerns! The formula containing argan oil and tea tree leaf oil deeply cleans the pores on the head and keeps the scalp healthy. Amini's Scalp & Hair Refresh Shampoo cleans and works as a scalp care and hair care, made for both men and women.

350mL/11.83 fl.oz.



这款洗发水将消除您对头皮和毛孔的担忧!含有摩洛哥坚果油和茶树叶油的配方,深层清洁头部毛孔,保持头皮健康。 Amini's Scalp & Hair Refresh Shampoo 可清洁头皮和护发,男女皆宜。

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