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Gatsby 剃须凝胶湿润型

Supplies the skin with moisture and prevents post-shave skin dryness. High-penetration gel which softens beard quickly while moisturizing it. Refreshing Aqua Citrus fragrance.


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为皮肤提供水分,防止剃须后皮肤干燥。高渗透凝胶,可在滋润胡须的同时迅速软化胡须。清爽的 Aqua Citrus 香味。

How To Use

Put gel onto your palm and spread out well onto skin before shaving.

If you wait a little while after spreading out the gel, your bread will soften more, making shaving easier.

Rinse off with water after use.

For quick cleaning of razor, wash razor by shaking several times in a bowl of water.

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