COSRX 丝滑触感皮肤包棉

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With silky Touch Skin Pack Cotton you can use just a small amount of toner to saturate a pad and easily treat a targeted area. Silky soft cotton pads made of wood pulp and rayon that deliver moisture and nutrients deep into skin with gentle adherence.

80 pieces / bag

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  • 丝般柔软的化妆棉轻柔贴合,将爽肤水中丰富的水分和营养输送至肌肤深层,不会引起刺激
  • 经济的设计允许每个垫分成两块
  • 不含荧光增白剂和甲醛

How To Use

For basic skin care: Dispense a proper amount of toner onto cotton pad and wipe across skin to moisturize and smooth skin.
As mask pack: Thoroughly soak cotton pad with toner or essence and apply on desired areas.

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