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TAG 标签修身眼线笔

The Touch A Gleam Slim Fit Eyeliner is a super slim, angled, gel eyeliner pencil that is designed for drawing detailed and delicate lines. The oblique point allows you to effortlessly draw a sleek wing or line your eyelid and lash line. The slim pencil design adds more control so you can create a smooth line efficiently.

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  • 超细凝胶眼线笔,带有斜角笔尖,可绘制精确细线。
  • 光滑的黄油质地,轻松涂抹。
  • 纤薄、轻便的铅笔设计,可实现更好的控制。

How To Use

Twist out the a small amount of the tip of the gel pencil liner.

Line the eyes and lash line according to your eye shape and preference.

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