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3CE 纹身唇彩(色号:Candy Jelly)

A moisture-rich lip stain with an elastic texture that adheres closely to lips like no other tints and delivers long-lasting color, keeping the lips looking gorgeous all day.
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3ce_tattoo_lip_tint_candy_jelly-1.jpg 3ce_tattoo_lip_tint_candy_jelly-2.jpg 3ce_tattoo_lip_tint_candy_jelly-3.jpg 3ce_tattoo_lip_tint_candy_jelly-4.jpg 3ce_tattoo_lip_tint_candy_jelly-5.jpg 3ce_tattoo_lip_tint_candy_jelly-6.jpg 3ce_tattoo_lip_tint_candy_jelly-7.jpg 3ce_tattoo_lip_tint_candy_jelly-8.jpg 3ce_tattoo_lip_tint_candy_jelly-9.jpg 3ce_tattoo_lip_tint_candy_jelly-10.jpg 3ce_tattoo_lip_tint_candy_jelly-11.jpg

How To Use

Using the wand applicator, lightly dab the tint onto your lips and blend until desired color is achieved. For gradient lip look, lightly dap tint on the inner side of the center of lips. Blend out using your finger or a brush.

Rating & Reviews

纹身唇彩(色号:Candy Jelly)