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New Hair Dye Treatment from April Skin 7 Colors hair dye, make your own color mixing them Long lasting color / Soft cream type texture / Mix up your own color
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April Skin 的新染发剂 7 种颜色的染发剂,混合他们自己的颜色 持久的颜色 / 柔软的乳霜质地 / 混合你自己的颜色
奶油-1 奶油2 霜333 奶油 44 奶油 5 奶油6 奶油 7 奶油 8

How To Use

1. Put Turn up Cream #1 and #2 oxidation into bottle
2. Shake and mix it up.
3. Put on plastic glove and cap.
4. Apply mixed dye from neck to forehead (front hair dye quicker than back hair)

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