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This is a not a permanent hair dye, but a hair treatment which gives a color to a hair and nourishes at the same time. The color naturally fades away after 2-3 weeks. You can try a new hair color in every 2 weeks.
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这不是永久性染发剂,而是一种染发剂,可同时滋养头发。 2-3 周后颜色自然消失。您可以每 2 周尝试一种新的头发颜色。

色彩处理-1 色彩处理-2 色彩处理-3 颜色处理-4 色彩处理-5 色彩处理-6 色彩处理-7 颜色处理-8 APRILSKIN 提亮肤色护理

How To Use

1. Shampoo the hair.
2. Lightly dry the hair with a towel.
3. Put on gloves and a gown and apply the product on the hair.
4. After applying thoroughly wait 10 minutes: natural tone / 20 minutes: vivid tone
5. Rinse just with water.

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