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A by BOM 超酷叶子面膜

Cool Leaf Patch 4 pieces, Ultra Cool Leaf Mask The Ultra Cool Leaf Mask provides a refreshing supply of moisture to the skin.


STEP1 Cool Leaf Patch 4片 [改善皱纹的功能性化妆品] 部分叶子贴片含有湿润的水分和功能性成分,有助于改善皱纹和柠檬香脂,有助于镇定皮肤。含有保湿和弹性皮肤。

STEP2 Ultra Cool Leaf Mask Ultra Cool Leaf Mask 为肌肤提供清爽的水分供应。酸橙提取物、罗勒叶提取物仙人掌花提取物、柠檬香花/茎水含有草本叶成分,提供皮肤清凉效果和滋润皮肤。

How To Use

After cleansing, put Leaf Patch on the parts where the intensive care is needed or irritated skin due to exposure to sunlight and tightly attach the Ultra Cool Leaf Mask on the Leaf Patch. Remove it after 10~20 minutes and pat the remaining essences for absorption.

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