Unilever 凡士林亮白面膜 - 1 片(新)

Vaseline Brightening Mask provides a powerful dual action formulation to help the skin become bright and smooth. Its combination of Green Tea Extract and Rice Bran Essence helps to enhance skin's natural shine while restoring its elasticity. With just one use, this mask helps you achieve a vibrant complexion.


米糠提取物和米胚芽油 – 我们使用大米中的营养成分,例如含有维生素 B 的蛋白质和脂肪。
3 层面料 – 面罩面料设计坚硬。这有助于面膜中的营养成分更有效地被脸部皮肤吸收。
皮肤保湿 – 我们的额外保湿效果有助于形成保湿屏障,保留皮肤水分,长时间滋润皮肤并保持皮肤健康。

How To Use

1. Unfold mask and position over clean, dry skin.
2. Smooth to fit the curves of your face, adjusting around eyes, nose and mouth. Leave on for about 10 minutes and soak in the magic!
3. Remove mask and discard. Massage any remaining serum into the skin.

Rating & Reviews

凡士林亮白面膜 - 1 片(新)