VT VT X BTS L'Atelier des Subtils 香水

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Created in collaboration with BTS, this perfume collection delivers charming scents. The nose behind this fragrance is Frederic Burtin. The scent features top notes such as bergamot, black currant, apple and melon; middle notes are jasmine, rose, plum and violet; base notes are sandalwood, cedar and white musk.

50ml / 1.69 fl.oz + 15XBTS Postcard

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与防弹少年团合作打造的这款香水系列散发着迷人的香气。这款香水的调香师是 Frederic Burtin。这款香水的前调是佛手柑、黑醋栗、苹果和甜瓜;中调是茉莉、玫瑰、李子和紫罗兰;基调是檀香木、雪松和白麝香。

How To Use

1. Apply the perfume on the areas that can be diffused well, such as the back of the ears, back of the neck or the wrist.
2. Press gently instead of rubbing to keep the perfume more long-lasting.

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VT X BTS L'Atelier des Subtils 香水