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Skinfood 白色压花棉

Embossed Cotton Pads are 100% cotton embossed at high temperatures. Pressed using a hydraulic-power press, our cotton pads are soft to touch and lint-free. Made of 100% cotton. Pressed with pure water. Contains no harmful chemicals for the body or the environment.

120 sheets

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压花棉垫是 100% 棉在高温下压花而成。使用液压机压制,我们的化妆棉触感柔软且不起毛。由 100% 棉制成。用纯净水压榨。不含对身体或环境有害的化学物质。

How To Use

1. Soak with toner and wipe skin to replenish lost moisture. 2. Use with makeup remover to remove eye and lip makeup.

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