Berrisom 动物面具系列-猫

Marin collagen provides rough and dull skin elasticity for beautiful skin. Ceramide and glacier water provides moisture vital skin care. Major ingredient) collagen 200ppm, ceramide 1,000ppm, 1,000ppm binghasu


Marin 胶原蛋白为美丽肌肤提供粗糙和暗淡的皮肤弹性。神经酰胺和冰川水提供水分重要的皮肤护理。主要成分) 胶原蛋白 200ppm、神经酰胺 1,000ppm、binghasu 1,000ppm
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How To Use

Unfold Sheet Mask
Adjust mask sheet to eyes, nose, and mouth and attach to your face.
Keep the mask on for 15-20 minutes.
Take the mask off and pat down excess essence.

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