BCL Browlash EX Water 强力眼线液笔 - 棕色

BCL Browlash Ex 24h Eye Liner 0.7g is a waterproof liquid eye liner that lasts for 24 hours long. Contains anti-oil product that prevents smudging or dark eye circle. Extremely sharp tip, easy for beginners to use. (Brown)


BCL Browlash Ex 24h 眼线笔 0.7g 是一种防水液体眼线笔,可持续 24 小时。含有抗油产品,可防止晕染或黑眼圈。非常锋利的尖端,易于初学者使用。 (棕色的)

How To Use

Fill between eyelashes and line, from front to end and draw line gently. If the liquid does not come out, close the cap with the pen head down and shake the pen.

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Browlash EX Water 强力眼线液笔 - 棕色