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VT Cica 日常舒缓面膜

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Easy and quick mask for day & night. This big size daily mask enriched with abundant water essence delivers moist hydration to the skin, making it pure and vibrant. Contains VT independent ingredient to help moisture & soothing care as well as moisture-oil balance care.

30 sheets



片状面膜,你可以像纸巾一样拉每一片。包含 30 张,每天一张面膜,持续一个月。


Cicaliao + Cicahyalon 使面膜非常适合干性皮肤; Cica 以镇定皮肤和治愈暗沉或疲倦的皮肤而闻名。

How To Use

1 After cleansing and applying toner, place the mask sheet on entire face and remove after 10-15 minutes.
2 Gently pat to fully absorb the remaining essence.

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Cica 日常舒缓面膜