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VT Cica 温和泡沫洁面乳

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Deep cleanse and moisturize your skin, deep into the pores for a pure, soft and moist surface. Removes impurities like dirt, oil and dead surface skin. Formulated with exclusive ingredients Cicaliao and Cicahyalon to soothe and strengthen the skin's protective barrier all while refining the skin's texture. Suitable for all skin types

10.14 fl.oz. / 300mL



深层清洁和滋润您的皮肤,深入毛孔,打造纯净、柔软和湿润的表面。去除污垢、油脂和死皮等杂质。采用独家成分 Cicaliao 和 Cicahyalon 配制而成,可舒缓和增强皮肤的保护屏障,同时改善皮肤质地。适合所有肤质

How To Use

Squeeze an adequate amount and create lather. Gently massage the face with the foam and water. Wash with lukewarm water until there is no residue left.

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Cica 温和泡沫洁面乳