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29 ST Honore Collagen Bodyfit Lotion Professional - 绿茶


Made with 240 years of traditional France fragrance expertise, this body lotion has added hydrolyzed collagen, 8 types of hyaluronic acid, 19 types of oil extracts and essential oils for a moisture-reviving application. In the scent Green Tea, top note is made up of lemon, mandarin, and black currant, middle note made up of lily of the valley, green tea, and tarragon, and base note is made up of musk.


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这款润肤露采用 240 年的法国传统香精专业知识制成,添加了水解胶原蛋白、8 种透明质酸、19 种油提取物和精油,具有保湿效果。绿茶香型中,前调由柠檬、柑橘和黑醋栗组成,中调由铃兰、绿茶和龙蒿组成,基调由麝香组成。


How To Use

Apply a generous amount of lotion on desired area and pat into skin for better absorption.

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Collagen Bodyfit Lotion Professional - 绿茶