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Steambase Daily Steam 玫瑰花园眼膜 - 1 片

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A special getaway from your daily busy life for your exhausted eyes. Aroma therapy along with a 20-minute steam thermal eye massage. This soft rose fragrance comforts the mind.


为您疲惫的双眼提供一个远离日常忙碌生活的特别假期。芳香疗法以及 20 分钟蒸汽热眼部按摩。这种柔和的玫瑰香味可以抚慰心灵。

Steambase Eye Mask

How To Use

1. Open the pouch, take out the eye mask and open it up following the dotted line on the ear-hook parts attached to the back
2. The white surface should be placed on the skin around the eyes, while the side with deeper indent should go around the nose. After hooking the ear-hook parts around your ears, take a rest in a comfortable position while keeping your eyes closed.

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Daily Steam 玫瑰花园眼膜 - 1 片