Daiso 大创泡芙海绵清洁剂


Get any brush clean in under two minutes! DAISO Detergent For Puff And Sponge is an extremely effective brush cleanser that removes stubborn product from any type of brush. Formula can rinse any brush clean of foundation, concealer, powder and even oil-based products.


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DAISO 粉扑和海绵清洁剂是一种非常有效的刷子清洁剂,可以去除任何类型刷子上的顽固产品。配方可以将任何刷子上的粉底、遮瑕膏、散粉甚至油性产品冲洗干净。

How To Use

Step 1.Add about 5 drops of the detergent into a glass.
Step 2.Pour lukewarm water into same glass to dilute solution.
Step 3.Put the brush in and gently draw circles in the bottom of the glass while counting to 10 seconds. By then, the water shoud be murky and opaque with dirty solution.
Step 4.Dump the water, rinse the brush under the tap briefly.
Step 5.Repeat first 4 steps until the detergent mixture stays mostly clear.

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