APIEU Essential Source 微箔面膜 Pure Bright - 1 片

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Spa like warm skin treatment care. Triple layer structure (foil + matrix + silk fabric) foil mask holds concentrate essence, without loosing active ingredients with skin supply. Micro particles give weak skin basic care, control rhythm of skin for healthy skin care. Skin similar ingredient plant stem cell (rose) gives moisture vitality with moist shield for skin rich clearness and hydration.

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SPA 般温暖的皮肤护理护理。三层结构(铝箔+基质+丝织物)铝箔面膜蕴含浓缩精华,有效成分不流失供给肌肤。微颗粒给予薄弱肌肤基础护理,控制肌肤节律健康护肤。皮肤类似成分植物干细胞(玫瑰)赋予水分活力和湿润屏障,使皮肤富有透明度和水合作用。
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Skin Concern


How To Use

1. After face wash use toner.

2. Remove back side and place silk sheet upper sheet and lower sheet combined and place on the face.

3. After 15~20 minutes remove mask, pat excess amount of essence for absorption.


Damask rose callus culture extract - plant stem cell culture extract (rose) 5%

Yeast / damask rose fermentation filtrate extract, ceramide 3 / Hydro lecithin / Cholesterol

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Essential Source 微箔面膜 Pure Bright - 1 片