Yuhan Kimberly Green Finger Reliu 厚婴儿湿巾 - 80 张


Soft, thick, and moisturized baby wipes perfect for kids! The Citric Acid ingredients which include lemon and orange, have a similar acidic level as a baby's skin. Wipes comes in a soft comfortable cushion that leaves the face soft and clean when wiped.

80 Sheets / 300g




过滤系统 - 通过 9 级水净化,提炼出最干净和最好的效果。

Dermatest - 在德国进行了皮肤测试。

GMP - 良好生产规范。

How To Use

Pull out a wipe and use to clean baby's skin, surface of objects, or even for adults.

Rating & Reviews

Green Finger Reliu 厚婴儿湿巾 - 80 张