Sanrio Gudetama 足部降温片

After a long day at work or on your feet, there is nothing better than to channel your inner Gudetama and relax those tootsies! The best way to do it is with these Gudetama foot cooling sheets. With 6 different designs included in the package to choose from, just apply to dry skin and let the cooling magic work wonders. Best if you store them in the refrigerator.
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经过漫长的一天工作或站立后,没有什么比引导您内心的 Gudetama 并放松那些脚趾更好的了!最好的方法是使用这些 Gudetama 足部降温床单。包装内有 6 种不同的设计可供选择,只需涂抹在干燥的皮肤上,让冷却魔法发挥奇迹。最好将它们存放在冰箱中。

How To Use

Remove film and apply to dry skin. Storing in the refrigerator before use is recommended (DO NOT FREEZE)

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Gudetama 足部降温片