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COVID19 KN95 5 层呼吸器面罩 - 20 包 5 片

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5-layer protective KN95 has a filter efficiency greater than or equal to 95%. FDA registered and CE approved, this mask features a comfortable ear loop, adjustable nose wire, 5 layers containing cotton, non-woven cotton, meltblown fabric, and a hot air filter cotton. It's filter can block out harmful pollutants, viruses, bacteria, and droplets (non-oil). Uniquely shaped to fit all faces with excess space to breathe easily. 1 pack consists of 5 face masks.

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5层防护KN95过滤效率大于等于95%。 FDA 注册和 CE 认证,这款口罩具有舒适的耳环、可调节鼻线、5 层含棉、无纺棉、熔喷布和热空气过滤棉。它的过滤器可以阻挡有害污染物、病毒、细菌和飞沫(非油)。独特的形状适合所有面部,空间充足,可轻松呼吸。 1 包包含 5 个面罩。


  • 1.无纺布
  • 2、热风过滤棉
  • 3.熔喷布
  • 4.熔喷布
  • 5.无纺布

KN95 口罩的过滤性能被评为与 N95 同等有效。

KN94 食品药品监督管理局

FDA 批准的 KN95 口罩

FDA 批准的 KN95 口罩

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KN95 5 层呼吸器面罩 - 20 包 5 片