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COVID19 KN95纳米口罩

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This KN95 Nanometer mask serves as a disposable filtering face piece that provide respiratory protection. Protect your airways from dust particles, droplets, air pollutants, allergens, and other harmful air particles. Nanometer is one billionth of a meter. It serves to effectively filter 95 percent of airborne particles from the wearer to size PM2.5. To properly and effectively use the mask, place the mask on the face to cover nose to chin, and make sure to adjust the nose metallic piece to the shape of your nose. Effective filtration performance like N95.


这款 KN95 纳米面罩用作提供呼吸保护的一次性过滤面罩。保护您的呼吸道免受灰尘颗粒、飞沫、空气污染物、过敏原和其他有害空气颗粒的侵害。纳米是十亿分之一米。它可以有效过滤佩戴者 95% 的空气悬浮颗粒,达到 PM2.5 大小。要正确有效地使用面罩,请将面罩放在脸上,从鼻子到下巴,并确保将鼻子金属片调整到鼻子的形状。像N95一样有效的过滤性能。

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