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COVID19 KN95 呼吸器面罩 - 50 片

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KN95 is a personal protective equipment for respiratory protection (FDA registered & CE approved). Serve to provide protection of face from your mouth to the nose from harmful pollutants in the air. It can be used to effectively filter out droplets, dust, bacteria, virus, and other non-oily PM2.5 air particles at least to 95%. It efficiently features nose wire to ensure fit around your face contour and nose that helps prevents glasses from fogging. When properly used, this mask can help to reduce exposure to harmful airborne particles. This KN95 filtration performance is equivalent to N95.
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KN95 是一种用于呼吸保护的个人防护设备(FDA 注册和 CE 批准)。用于保护从嘴巴到鼻子的面部免受空气中有害污染物的侵害。可用于有效滤除飞沫、灰尘、细菌、病毒等非油性PM2.5空气颗粒至少达95%。它有效地具有鼻线,以确保贴合您的面部轮廓和鼻子,有助于防止眼镜起雾。如果使用得当,该面罩可以帮助减少接触空气中的有害颗粒物。这种KN95的过滤性能相当于N95。

KN95 口罩

FDA 批准的 KN95 口罩


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KN95 呼吸器面罩 - 50 片