Kobayashi 小林 Sarasati 内衣洗涤剂


Formulated with SAS, a powerful detergent, this liquid soap removes blood, leucorrhea and other stains on cotton, linen, polyester, cupra rayon and other synthetic fibers.


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这款液体肥皂采用强力洗涤剂 SAS 配制而成,可去除棉、亚麻、涤纶、铜氨人造丝和其他合成纤维上的血渍、白带和其他污渍。

How To Use

For hand washing, dilute 10ml (1 section) of the soap in 500ml warm water and soak your clothing for 20 minutes.
Apply the soap directly on more stubborn stains and wait longer to dissolve. For machine washing, apply directly on the stain, followed by normal washing procedure

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小林 Sarasati 内衣洗涤剂