Kose Kose Clear Turn 美白维他命 C 面膜 - 1 盒 5 片

Kose Clear Turn White Vitamin C Sheet Mask prevents dark spots and freckles that are prone to spreading, for beautifully bright, firm and translucent skin. This mask is non-irritating. The perfectly fitting mask allows the skin to absorb the essence, achieving the best whitening result.
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Kose Clear Turn 美白维他命 C 面膜可防止容易扩散的黑斑和雀斑,打造美丽明亮、紧致透亮的肌肤。这款面膜无刺激性。完美贴合的面膜让肌肤吸收精华,达到最佳美白效果。

Skin Concern


How To Use

After cleansing, apply the mask on face for 10 minutes. For better result, spread the remaining essence on face.

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Kose Clear Turn 美白维他命 C 面膜 - 1 盒 5 片