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KRACIE Kracie Hadabisei 3D 面膜,抗衰老保湿,4 片装

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This sheet mask fulfills the intensive hydrating effect with 3-dimensional fitting and nutrient-rich serum. Aging-care formula with Collagen to achieve firmer, radiant and translucent skin.
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  • 完美贴合面部起伏的3D面膜!富含丰富的乳状精华液,具有强大的保湿效果。
  • 提供彻底的保湿护理,打造紧致、光彩、透亮的肌肤*1
  • 添加了肌美精独创的美肌调理液、杨桃*2、薏苡仁提取物、柚子神经酰胺*3、金盏花提取物、甘油(皮肤调理剂)。解决肌肤问题,打造细腻肌理。
  • 含有渗透性胶原蛋白,保湿剂
  • 充满血清(30mL)
  • 无香料、无着色剂

Product Type

Sheet Mask

Skin Concern


How To Use

1.Please use the mask after cleansing and toning your skin.
2.Take the mask out of the sachet.
3.Align the openings in the mask over your eyes.
4.then over your mouth.
5.Smooth out the mask across your face to achieve total adhesion. (Serum might drip, please be cautious.)
6.Leave the mask on for 5 - 15 minutes (or up to 20 minutes if you have dry skin).
7.Remove the mask and massage the remaining serum into your skin.


Water, dipropylene glycol, glycerin, butylene glycol, maltitol, peg-60 hydrogenated castor oil, phenoxyethanol, diglycerin, polysorbate 20, pvp, methylparaben, bis-ethoxydiglycol cylcohexane 1,4,-carboxylate, sodium polyacrylate, carbomer, xanthan gum, disodium edta, hydrolyzed collagen, citrus medica limonum (lemon) fruit extract, soluble collagen, propylparaben, tocopherol.

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Kracie Hadabisei 3D 面膜,抗衰老保湿,4 片装