Skinfood 薄荷色闪亮去脚袜

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3-in-1: Powerfully Exfoliates, Smoothes, and Perfumes Feet. A convenient sock-type foot peeling mask that effectively smoothes calloused skin and cracked feet.

2 masks

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3 合 1:强力去角质、抚平足部并为足部芳香。 一种方便的袜子式足部去角质面膜,可有效抚平老茧和干裂的脚部。
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How To Use

Wear the foot masks and put tape around ankles to keep the masks in place.
Wait for 60 to 90 minutes until the mask content is absorbed.
Remove the masks and wash off thoroughly. Dry.
Dead skin cells and calluses will start falling off your feet in 4 to 6 days after application.
Do not scrub them off. It takes about 2 weeks for all the dead skin cells and calluses to peel off and reveal softer, smoother skin underneath.

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