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29 ST Honore Nettoyant De Marin Tubereuse 香水


1779 Nettoyant De Marin is a body cleanser made with 240 years of French expertise in fragrance making. Formulated with seaweed extract, 10 types of oil and patented ingredients for a clean wash to lock in moisture even after a shower. In the scent Tubereuse, top note is made up of orange flower, middle note is made up of tuberose, iris and rose, and base note is made up of sky.

300g / 10.58oz

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1779 Nettoyant De Marin 是一款身体清洁剂,采用法国 240 年的香水制造专业知识制成。采用海藻提取物、10 种油和专利成分配制而成,即使在淋浴后也能锁住水分,清洁干净。在晚香玉的香味中,前调由橙花组成,中调由晚香玉、鸢尾和玫瑰组成,基调由天空组成。

300 克 / 10.58 盎司

How To Use

Put a generous amount on body and massage until it foams, then wash off with lukewarm water.

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Nettoyant De Marin Tubereuse 香水