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Ottogi Ottogi Inced 柚子茶 - 20 袋


Enjoy Iced Tea in seconds with refreshing and delicious ice tea citron mix. Made from real tea leaves and colors & flavors from natural sources. Tasty and refreshing ice tea mix is the perfect addition to any meal.

20 Pouches

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  • 由真正的茶叶和天然来源的颜色和风味制成。
  • 美味清爽的冰茶混合物是任何餐点的完美补充。
  • 制作冰茶最方便的方法。只需将冰茶混合物加入水中并加冰即可。
  • 每包含有 100% 每日推荐剂量的维生素 C。

How To Use

Pour 1 packet of Ice Tea Peach and 100ml of hot or cold water into a cup and mix well. Serve with ice if desired.

Rating & Reviews

Ottogi Inced 柚子茶 - 20 袋