mise en scene 完美精华素


Hair treatment - a treatment that make hair smooth and shine. Used to highly repair hair that have damaged by hair dyeing, hot tools, and perms. Damaged hair special polymer silicon factor, penetrates into the core, comprehensive repair hair, make hair smooth shine.




头发护理 - 使头发光滑亮泽的护理。用于高度修复因染发、热工具和烫发而受损的头发。受损发质特高分子硅因子,深入发芯,全面修护秀发,令秀发顺滑亮泽。

How To Use

After the shampooing, Remove the water your hands or towel.Then, put small amount on your palm and spread.
Apply this damage care treatment on your hair.
Wait 1 minutes, then wash with warm water 2~3 times.
It makes your hair sleek, smooth, anti trangles and repair your hair damage, also.

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