Klavuu 个人护理 Aurora 珍珠眼膜 - 紧致保湿

Comfort to your eyes with silky touch. Amazingly lively and bright skin tone. This eye mask is made of high-concentrated Korean pearl essence sheet. You can choose from three types according to the daily eye condition. Because it looks like a goggles, it can also care for fine wrinkles. It adheres perfectly since it is a hydrogel.


klavuu-珍珠眼罩-1.jpg klavuu-珍珠眼罩-2.jpg klavuu-珍珠眼罩-3.jpg klavuu-珍珠眼罩-4.jpg klavuu-珍珠眼罩-5.jpg

How To Use

1. After cleansing, gently wipe your skin with toner.
2. Remove the film from the front and back of the mask and stick it evenly on your eye area.
3. Please wait 20 ~ 40 minutes for the patch to gradually absorb the nutrients.
4. Remove the mask and tap lightly to absorb the gel remaining on the skin.

Rating & Reviews

个人护理 Aurora 珍珠眼膜 - 紧致保湿