Age 20's 标志性精华遮瑕粉饼 - Intense Cover 23

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Come through coverage! This cushion pact is infused with a double-layer coverage powder that perfectly conceals imperfections and blurs pores for a smooth, selfie-ready effect. This lightweight formula doesn't feel thick on the skin and has buildable medium coverage with a satin skin-like finish.

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  • 14g / 中等米色
  • 富含 71% 的护肤精华素,含有 7 种抗氧化成分,可促进水合作用,防止皮肤老化。
  • 3 合 1 Triple Latte 配方可修正、遮盖并打造明亮肤色。
  • Skinmilar™ 和 SACRAN 成分有助于强化皮肤并保持水分。
  • 抗菌粉扑可均匀涂抹并提供出色的附着力。
  • 强力防紫外线,抗皱美白功能产品。


一款含有透明质酸和肽的精华遮瑕粉饼,可抚平肌肤,焕发光彩,令肌肤更紧致年轻。 (14克)

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How To Use

1. Apply a small amount with enclosed puff, starting in the center of face and blend outward until the desired coverage is achieved.
2. Close a lid securely after use.

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标志性精华遮瑕粉饼 - Intense Cover 23