JAYJUN So Cool 面膜 - 30 张

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So Easy, So Fast, So Cool! It’s a daily cooling sheet mask that is effortlessly quick to use within easy storage packaging. This mask contains cactus extract that consists of high moisture retention capability and vitamin C for brightening. Also, beta-glucan creates a soothing layer on the skin to provide moisture and protection from irritants. Tip! Busy morning! Before makeup! While styling your hair! To prevent contact with hairline, the sheet was cut slightly small in size.



这款面膜含有仙人掌提取物,具有高保湿能力和维生素 C,可提亮肤色。此外,β-葡聚糖在皮肤上形成一层舒缓层,提供水分并防止刺激。提示!忙碌的早上!化妆前!造型的同时!为防止与发际线接触,将纸张裁剪得略小。

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How To Use

Open the lid and take out one mask sheet, apply it onto the face. Leave for 10-15 minutes then remove.

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So Cool 面膜 - 30 张