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16 Brand Valkwang 彩笔 - 粉色

A valkwang pen with dazzling high-shine and vivid color to make your face look shiny. Its soft texture melt in to your lips making smooth and plump lips with long-lasting effect.
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具有耀眼高光和生动色彩的 valkwang 笔,让您的脸看起来光彩照人。其柔软的质地融入您的双唇,打造光滑丰盈的双唇,效果持久。

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How To Use

Lightly turn the bottom of the container and let the contents come out. Apply from the inside to the out side of the lips then tap and spread to apply evenly.

Rating & Reviews

Valkwang 彩笔 - 粉色