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A’Pieu Vitamin C80 Mask Kit - Review M20

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A'pieu is a sub-brand of Missha, mainly targeting younger audiences. So rather than keep introducing conventional products, they love to make different type or different textured products. Vitamin C-80 mask kit is a truly new type of sheet mask. A'pieu embedded vitamin powder patch (80% ascorbic acid) in a dry, patch form on the sheet mask and they separate the mask solution in a separate patch to prevent oxidization of vitamin C. So, let’s see.

1.a'pieu vitamin c mask pack


Arguably, vitamin C is one of the most beloved ingredients in cosmetics for a long time. I am pretty sure most of you know vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, and it actively engages in various biological reactions such as collagen synthesis or reducing reactive oxygen species. So generally, vitamin C is used as antioxidant, skin brighter and even for firming agent in cosmetics because of its physiological benefits.

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Honestly, it still remains unclear how exactly vitamin C is actively absorbed and used in our skin, but it surely makes our skin radiant and it is a very safe ingredient even with very high dose, it certainly still worth to consider for our skincare routine. Since vitamin C is a relatively effective reducing agent – meaning taking away electrons from other molecule – it is easily oxidized. Oxidization hinders vitamin C’s bioactivity and it doesn’t look very pretty if it is oxidized (lol) Therefore many cosmetic companies uses various way to stabilize vitamin C before use, some of them chemically stabilizes with salt such as MAP (magnesium ascorbic phosphate) or others simply crystallize and uses it as a powder form as ascorbic glucoside or simple ascorbic acid.


For their Vitamin C80 Mask KitA'pieu embedded vitamin C in the sheet mask in a powder, patch form to prevent oxidization. You should pour attached mask solution into the dry sheet mask. Since the solution is much more than enough, it makes the sheet mask soaked very easily. The mask material is Tencel, so even though you put almost a bottle of ampoule in the mask, you wouldn’t see much solution left in the mask pouch because Tencel absorbs solution unbelievably well.

2.a'pieu vitamin c mask pack open 

After Thought

I think A'pieu built this innovative sheet mask very smartly. The patched vitamin C powder nicely melts into the skin, and extremely hydrophilic Tencel sheet constantly moisturizes your skin. After 20 min, I felt like I had a professional vitamin C iontophoresis in professional esthetic. I wouldn’t say you will feel very hydrated but definitely you could feel the dense nutrient of vitamin C on your skin. But you should know I have very dry skin, so it will be moderately moisturizing for most of the people. I could see much more radiant skin in the next day morning. So if you need instant boost for a date, interview or whatever, this Vitamin C80 Mask Kit could be your “must-have” mask for the special occasion. I love this mask really a lot, but because of the high concentration of vitamin C, I could feel a little bit tingling sensation on my skin. I mean ascorbic acid is still an acid. So if you have extremely sensitive skin, test before you use it.

 4_vitaminc 80 mask on face


It is a very unconventional sheet mask in a good way. A’pieu embedded vitamin C powder directly on the high quality Tencel sheet, and delivers to your skin directly. It is a little inconvenient that you have to prepare this mask before use, but it’s actually not bad at all since it only takes 30 sec. I will definitely use this again in the future if I feel my skin is dull or tired.


Pros: more visible radiance effect

Cons: tingling sensation but not bad

Ideas: An esthetic salon level vitamin C care at home


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