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ABIB Sheet Mask Highlights

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ABIB Sheet Mask Highlights

Abib is a Korean beauty brand that has made a name for itself through their persistent pursuit of perfection and purity in their beauty products. Their aim is to help your skin revert back to its prime and most natural state. Created on the philosophy of functional beauty, Abib uses the most suitable ingredients for specific skincare concerns with skin health and improvement as their priority. This is reflected in their skincare collection with non-irritating products designed to optimally deliver beneficial ingredients to the skin, such as their iconic Mild Acidic pH and Gummy sheet mask lines! With so many sheet masks in the beauty market today, how did Abib make it to the top with a mass cult following in such a short amount of time? Well... here is the answer to your questions with the ultimate breakdown on the popular Abib sheet masks!

What's the difference exactly?

First off what is the difference between the Mild Acidic pH line versus the Gummy sheet mask lines? The Mild Acidic pH line contains a series of masks designed to help restore and balance the skin's natural pH levels. It helps strengthen the skin barrier to defend itself against any environmental aggressors that may stress the skin such as extremely hot or cold temperatures, ultra-violet rays, and pollution! On the other hand, the Gummy sheet mask line is known for their highly adherent microfiber sheet. The mask's "gummy-like" material is highly flexible and super soft, fitting to your skin, creating a seal across the face helping to keep the skin moist and secures that the essence from the mask effectively absorbs into your skin!

With both lines, there is a different mask type to target a different skin concern whether you are looking for replenishing moisture, soothing irritation, brightening, repairing, or more! Additionally, having passed the skin hypoallergenic test, this mask is highly versatile and safe for all skin types especially those who are extremely sensitive and prone to breakouts!

Top Picks for the Mild Acidic pH Line

With so many options to choose from, you might not know where to start! No worries, here are some fan-favorites that you can't go wrong with! If you are looking for a moisturizing and hydrating mask for dry skin or just a mask to throw into your winter skincare routine, try the Aqua Fit mask to restore your skin's moisture barrier or the Honey Fit mask, enriched with minerals and vitamins for a deeply nourishing and moisturizing effect! Another popular pick would be the Yuja Fit mask! This mask not only moisturizes but also provides brightening benefits, lightening dark spots and hyperpigmentation with vitamins contained from Yuja extract!

Abib Mild Acidic pH Aqua Fit Mask

Image via Abib Official Website

Abib Mild Acidic pH Honey Fit Mask

Image via Abib Official Website 

Abib Mild Acidic pH Yuja Fit Mask 

Image via Abib Offficial Website

Top Picks for the Gummy Sheet Line

For the Gummy sheet line, the Heartleaf Sticker is widely regarded as a holy grail mask for sensitive skin. This mask is the quick, soothing solution for irritation and an angry skin emergency through key elements such as Heartleaf Extract, Centella Extract, and Witch Hazel! Not only does it soothes irritation, it also helps with minimizing redness and repairing the barrier of the skin! Another favorite would be the Hyaluron Sticker! This mask is enriched with Hyaluronsan Complex and blue agave extract to provide deep hydration and nutrition to the skin. It's watery, lightweight formula gives off a refreshing finish and additional ingredients such as Camellia Leaf Extract aka. Green Tea helps to soothe and calm skin while also preventing your skin from losing collagen and elasticity! Another popular pick would be the Madecassoside Sticker! This mask is special because it is enriched with Madecassoside to help strengthen and repair the skin barrier from external aggressors! Our final recommendation would be the Milk Sticker mask! Staying true to its name, the key ingredient for this special mask is milk protein extract! This mask helps to moisturize, nourish and clear the skin while softening and smoothing the skin!

Abib Sticker Masks

Image via Abib Instagram

This concludes our breakdown on the popular Abib sheet mask lines with the Mild Acidic pH mask and the Gummy sheet masks! These masks are no brainer picks if you are looking to indulge in some new Korean skincare! If you are intrigued, feel free to check out Masksheets and try out these masks yourselves and see if they are worth the hype! 

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