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Beauty Comparison Series 3

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After the first and second comparison series, I got some replies from M-Friends. Thanks guys, these encouragements and feedbacks mean a lot to me.

This time I have brought some lip products to compare. Unlike the first and second series, this time I brought one pair that Korean inspires the non-Korean product, second pair with the other way around. Then, let’s take a look, how all the cosmetic companies plagiarize, improve and differentiate from each other.

Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar VS Benefit Double the Lip


<Laneige : Two Tone Lip Bar>

Laneige’s Two Tone Lip Bar was introduced in 2016 and quickly became the trend of Korean cosmetic. Skinfood and IOPE introduced similar type of products in Korean market, but it was not as successful as Laneige’s Two tone lip bar. This year, Lanegie expends this product line into Two Tone Tint Bar as well.

As all Korean makeup addicts might know, the biggest Korean lip makeup trend is all about gradient. We begin lip makeup with trimming out the lip line with concealor or cushion, then we add base color, and finally point color inside half of the lips. This can be a wearisome 3 step process but Laneige’s Two Tone lip makes this process just so much easier. Two colors are divided into two layers – base color and point color. Point color layer is flat on the top and base color is flat on the bottom, so the color pigments spread naturally, giving nice gradient lip.

The texture is also very moisturizing and non-sticky. Only problem is, the color doesn’t last long because of its moisturizing texture. But colors are exact definition of MLBB so if you prefer natural looking gradient lip, this is an amazing product. Of course, frequent application maybe an annoying process though. It is 23,000 KRW (around $21) so it is not one of those 6 USD Korean lip products. I mean, Lanegie is still under the Amore Pacific’s umbrella, so we sort of should bear with it, lol. Come to think of it, Amore Pacific introduces so many inspiring products. Well, they are no.1 Korean cosmetic provider, so now I see why.


<Benefit : Double the Lip>

Benefit’s Double the Lip is the similar type of product, seemingly inspired by Lanegie. I am not sure which lipstick came out first, but I think Benefit came out after Laneige. (Please correct me if I am wrong.) While Lanegie is made with base color + point color but Benefit Double the Lip is made a combined product of lipstick + lip-liner. Since people prefer (I mean people who are not Korean beauty fans) larger and fuller lips with defined lip line, the product composition is sharply divided large lipstick area and small lip liner area. The texture is quite thick but definitely has more obvious color presentation than Laneige. It is semi-matt type lip-stick, so less glow and less moisture than Laneige’s Two Tone Lip bar. But in terms of color and persistence, Benefit definitely has its own perks. The price is slightly cheaper than Lanegie ($20.)

Ironically, it’s quite difficult to say which one is better because they are quite different from each other even though they are similar products. If you have dry, flaky lip and want to have natural looking gradient then you may choose Laneige, while you want to have plumped, edged lip with defined lip line, you probably should go for Benefit. I personally like Laneige better because of its MLBB color and glow finish.

Benefit Benetint VS Tonymoly Lip Tone Get It Tint


Benefit Benetint

I think many Korean companies should appreciate Benefit for inventing this revolutionary product. I am sure most of you know what the tint is, but I will explain here one more time anyway. It is a ink-type (generally liquid but now we have lots of textures) lip dying pigment.

Benefit is the first company who introduces this product into the market. According to Benefit’s website, it was first invented in 70’s for dancers, who needs long lasting yet non-smearing lip color. (It won’t look very nice if their lipstick marks are everywhere on their partners, right?) Originally, they only had rosy red color but now there are few more. It is completely dry & matt type lip tint, with manicure brush like tip. It was an evolutionary product but not so many was willing to pay $30 for a 0.4oz lip stain.



Tonymoly : Get It Tint

Tonymoly and Etude House quickly introduced similar type of lip stains, Delight Tony Tint and Dear. Darling Tint, with quite identical textured tint. They are only 4 to 5 USD and quickly become the substitute for Benetint. In 2016, Tonymoly introduced a tint with a little different texture. It was something in the middle of matt and oily texture, so it was a little more spreadable.

Get It Tint's distinct package design inspired from Pantone and vibrant color was just too tempting to ignore, meaning Get It Tint is still one of the most selling tint in Korea. In terms of prolonged stain, Tonymoly’s Get It Tint is just so much better than Benefit. And still, it is the only half price of the Benetint. ($12.) 

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