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Brand Highlight - FEEV

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What is FEEV? 

FEEV Jung Ho-Yeon

Image by FEEV

FEEV is a skincare brand that prides itself on being the answer to a multitude of skin concerns by combining nature and science to create simple yet efficient skincare. Want to repair your skin barrier, hydrate your skin or fade blemishes? FEEV carries a variety of products that can cater to the ever-changing conditions of a person's skin. 

Key Ingredient

Image by FEEV


Betulin is a bio-active that comes from birch trees and in this case, specifically from Canadian Birch trees. Betulin is used to help soothe the skin and calm down redness, and goes as far as improving overall skin health. The Betulin used by FEEV has also been deemed a "clean label ingredient" by Canada’s Forest Territory Sustainable Development System in Quebec and has been sustainably sourced. Betulin is a key ingredient in the majority of FEEV products:

Hyper-Hydro Serum- A hydrating serum that helps soothes the skin and cool down skin temperature.

Hyper-Hydro Cream- A gel type cream that aids in hydrating and protecting the skin.

Hyper-Fortifying Barrier Cream- A non-sticky cream that will create a moisturizing protective barrier to help fortify the skin.

Personal Favorite FEEV Product

FEEV Hyper-Fortifying Barrier Cream

Out of all of FEEV’s products, a favorite of mine is the Hyper-Fortifying Barrier Cream. This barrier cream is great for moisturizing the skin and creating a protective layer to keep the skin healthy and fortified. This is great for people with incredibly dry skin or those who get easily irritated by environmental stressors. As mentioned above, the key ingredient in this cream is betulin, however, there are some other great sub ingredients as well:

  • Centella Asiatica- A widely popular skincare ingredient for soothing and calming of sensitive skin.
  • Ceramide - a chain of fatty acids that promote cellular growth to prevent permeability and dryness.
  • Panthenol -provides hydration and shields skin from inflammation.

It is a non-sticky formula that will keep the skin feeling moisturized, inside and out. This cream can also be layered multiple times without running the risk of pilling, allowing it to still look smooth, even underneath makeup.

Skincare & Makeup 2-in-1

One of FEEV’s more recent launches is their Hyper-Fit Color Serum. What is a color serum? Simply, the Hyper-Fit Color Serum is a tinted moisturizing serum that comes in various shades for an all natural glow and complexion. This non-sticky formula will give a natural sheer, dewy tint to your cheeks or your lips! This serum has gone through hypoallergenic testing to ensure that it can be used on other areas of the face. 

One of my favorite shades of the Hyper-Fit Color Serum is in Rosy Cozy. It is a beautiful rose brown shade which also happens to look amazing on the brand’s model, Squid Game’s very own Jung Hoyeon! It’s perfect for an everyday all natural look as well as if you’re looking to go for a glowy glam look!

 Squid Game Jung Ho-Yeon

Image by @feev_official

FEEV has products that are great for all sorts of skin types! By combining nature and science they’ve effectively made products that are great at finding solutions to an abundance of skin concerns that are rapidly changing whether it be because of the seasons or because of  skin maturity. If you’re looking for a nature based, environmentally friendly and clean beauty brand that uses ingredients that are sustainably sourced then FEEV is definitely for you!

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