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Do You Know How To Use Facial Oil ? - M Review 52

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Tips to keep skin soft and glowing in winter: How to use facial oil


It’s getting colder and dryer. How can we protect our skin from winter. What can we do? Sometimes, regular creams or moisturizers are not enough for my dry skin. So, I started to use the facial oil. There are so many different types of facial oil.Although my skin is really dry I would get some pimples if I use heavy oil on my face. So, I prefer light texture. You can choose your facial oil depending on your skin condition. I just want to recommend you to try several facial oils to find a good one for your skin.


I want to share how to use the facial oil. First, I think applying on your face after cream is the simplest way. Rub the facial oil with your hands and then apply to your face by gently pressing into skin with fingers and palms.


Second, mixing with a foundation. If you want to make your skin glow, it’s definitely the best way. You can mix facial oil with any type of foundations you have or you want to use. All you have to do is just mix! Then, you do not need to worry about getting dry your skin in your office where is super dry because of heaters.

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Third, you can also mix facial oil with a toner and put them into an empty bottle. This is like a customized mist. As you know, a good facial mist can keep your makeup looking glowy throughout the day and help to keep your skin hydrated. Every time your skin gets dry, just spray them to your face gently.

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Last, my lips are the driest part of my body. I apply a lot of lip balm when I go to sleep. When I want do special care for my lips, I use my facial oil. Soak a cotton pad in your facial oil and press the pad onto your lips. Let the pad stay on your lip for a minute, then gently wipe over your lips. It makes your lips smooth, and also removes dead skin on your lips.


If you did not find a good facial oil yet, I wanna recommend you to try Innisfree Olive Real Essential Oil Ex.! This is one of the steady bestsellers in Korea. I hope you can utilize the facial oil with right ways from now on. Screen-Shot-2018-12-05-at-3.51.46-PM0_1.jpg

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