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Everyday Korean Slang to Sound Like a Native

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As a Korean-American, I've been in many scenarios where my native Korean friends would start using words that I couldn't  even understand or look up in the dictionary. Much like English, Korean also has its fair share of slang that is used in day to day conversations. If you've ever had a similar experience or perhaps you just want to learn some everyday Korean slang to impress your friends with, look no further!

I've created a glossary of Korean slang that you won't learn in your Korean language class. Start speaking like a native from the streets of Korea with these key slang words and phrases:

대박 (dae-bak) - awesome! / yaas! / wow!
짱 (jjang) - the best
콜 (kol) - OK! / sure!
베프 (beh-peuh) - best friend / bestie
셀카 (sel-ca) - selfie
간지 (ganji) - swag
쌩얼 (ssaeng-eol) - bare-face / no-makeup face
파이팅 (paiting) / 화이팅 (hwaiting) - you can do it! (supportive)
고고씽 (go-go-sing) - let’s go!
헐 (hul) - oh my god / WTF
아이구 (ai-goo) - oh geez
꺼저 (gguh-juh) - get (the f**k) away
뻥치지마 (bbeong chijima) - stop lying
꿀잼 (gool-jaem) - so fun
노잼 (no-jaem) - so boring
여친/남친 (yeo-chin / nam-chin) - girlfriend/boyfriend
썸 (some) - someone you have romantic interest in (not officially a 여친/남친)
치맥 (chi-maek) - chicken & beer
불금 (bool-geum) - TGIF

There are much more Korean slang that can probably fit an entire book, but hopefully this list gives you some slang to have under your belt. Use it while you're hanging out with your Korean friends and sound like a native Korean. Which word will you be using the most?

Until the next one, 

Stay Glowing 

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