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Today I come to tell you about the Apple Peeling mask of the Round Lab brand. I really wanted to try this brand, because so far I haven't tried anything else from the brand.

What does the brand tell us?

The apple extract from the evergreen village of Cheongsong and glutathione ingredient care for dry and rough skin from both the external environment and UV rays to become clear and clean.

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My opinion:

This mask is the first product that I test of the mark, they speak very well of it tonic. As you can see it is a mask that has a very nice packaging, I love the design. After the temperature changes lately I have very rough skin, for that reason I began to introduce acids in my night routine.

When we opened the mask we found a cotton mask well soaked in essence. I love the way the scent smells, it has a citrus-like smell that I loved.

In contact with the skin, you feel a sensation of comfort, freshness. During the 20 minutes I left the mask, I was still soaked in essence. When I removed it, the essence remained on my face, which I massaged until it was completely absorbed. The results have enchanted me, the skin has left me very luminous, the skin super hydrated and soft. It has removed that grayish color that had my skin. It has left me with the appearance of a healthy face. In short, I liked it a lot, I have many products of this brand in my wishlist.

Rating: 9/10

Have you tried it? Do you know the brand? Have you tried any of the brand's products? Do you like masks that bring luminosity?

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