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The Royal Treatment: Skinfood’s Royal Honey Essential Queen’s Serum

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In life, everyone takes time here and there to do something completely for themselves. For me, it's taking the time to do my skin in the morning before a long day of work or after a long day of traveling from one state to another. It's the time I’ve reserved for myself where I can say, “Girl, you’re worth it, take your time and treat yourself a little.” That's why, when I found Skinfood’s Royal honey line, I realized not only was my skin worth it, but it deserved to be treated like a Queen!


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While I like to think that one of the main reasons I felt compelled to try this serum is because having the word "Queen" in the title called to me, I know the first major thing attracting me to this product came from honey reigning supreme in the ingredients list. I have hormonal acne, meaning that my skin is often irritated or blemished by small white heads or patches of acne. Thankfully, I know that royal jelly, honey, and propolis work best at giving nutrients to my irritated skin, and that it also works as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.


The second reason I reached for this bottle is because while honey dominates the ingredients, it’s also being introduced to the skin as a serum. Serums are great in skincare mainly because they penetrate deeper into the skin than other steps in your normal routine. This allows all these nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids to get introduced to your skin in a higher concentration, making it easier to target specific skincare concerns (such as my acne or fine lines).

Skinfood finally held my complete attention when I read that this serum uses something they ‘Queen’s Multi Nutri™, which gives my skin all three of these heavy hitting ingredients meant to keep skin glowing and to reduce wrinkles and signs of aging.


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I use this product morning and night, after my cleansing steps, toner in the morning, and after my active and masking steps in the evening. I usually use two pumps, spreading it into a circular motion around my face before gently patting to absorb. The silky texture sinks in almost instantly which works for both summers and winters. I usually like to seal it in with a moisturizer and facial oil.

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After a month, I’ve noticed that not only does a lot of the redness in my face seem reduced, but that fine lines that usually appear on my forehead or around my lips stay plump have almost completely faded away. Honey’s ability to attract as well as hold in moisture has helped the other products in my routine absorb into my skin, giving my face a bouncy glow. The next time you feel like your skincare routine has gotten a little dull, give yourself the royal treatment, and let yourself be a Queen for a day. Try out Skinfood’s Royal Honey Essential Queen's serum, and see how much rules!





Sara DiSantis of The Beauty Witches




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