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  • What is Douyin Makeup? Tips, Tricks & More!

    What is Douyin Makeup? Tips, Tricks & More!

    Douyin makeup is a highly popular Chinese makeup style that has entered mainstream media through TikTok! It consists of enhancing your natural features to give off a more youthful, soft, and doll-like appearance! The Douyin makeup look is loved by IVE's Jang Won-young, beauty Youtuber Jessica Vu, as well as popular Chinese celebrities such as Esther Yu and Nana Ou-Yang! Some key characteristics of this viral makeup style...
  • Schönheitsvergleich Serie 3

    Schönheitsvergleich Serie 3

    Diesmal habe ich einige Lippenprodukte zum Vergleich mitgebracht. Schauen wir uns dann an, wie all die Kosmetikunternehmen plagiieren, verbessern und sich voneinander unterscheiden.
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