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coxir Intensive EGF Peptide Cream Mask Pack

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A highly nourishing mask pack to keep on overnight for a firmer and smoother appearance the next morning. Protect the skin's barrier with a layer of skin strengthening hydration to repair signs of aging. Incorporating EGF, peptides, and collagen, this mask pack will keep your skin plumped and youthful for the rest of your day.


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Anti-Wrinkle Functional · Whitening Functional Intensive EGF Peptide Cream Mask Pack that permeates deeply into skin to keep skin resilient and smooth by holding oil and moisture for a long time from vaporizing. Brightens skin texture up a notch and helps firm skin barriers due to quick absorption.

It is a cell regeneration activity factor that plays a role in the growth and regeneration of cells in the epidermis, helping accelerate and activate the regeneration rhythm of the skin as well as the epidermis due to the cell growth acceleration of growth factors.

Peptide :
It is a small component of protein that makes up the skin, assisting collagen protein, which helps skin elasticity, in caring for wrinkled skin texture and making the skin into that with youthful energy vitally.

Collagen :
It contains moisturizing ingredients to form a film on the skin and helping soften and smooth the skin. Provides moisture to help moisturize the skin.

M-Recommended for:
-Dull skin

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How To Use

Take adequate volume and spread softly along the skin texture for absorption.

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Intensive EGF Peptide Cream Mask Pack
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