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G9SKIN Self Aesthetic Magazine

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Get all the needed items for self aesthetic! From hair to toe, easy to care for yourself. 8 items are included on this set.
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A self-care package is containing 8 kinds of the mask that you can do your head-to-toe treatment at home.

The Self Aesthetic Magazine contains:

- Self Aesthetic Silky Hair Mask 1pc
- Self Aesthetic Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patch 1pack
- Self Aesthetic Butterfly Nose Strip 1pack
- Self Aesthetic Lip Patch 1pack
- Self Aesthetic Pore Clean Bubble Mask 1pc 
- Self Aesthetic Water-Full Facial Mask 1pc
- Self Aesthetic Soft Hand Mask 1pack
- Self Aesthetic Soft Foot Mask 1pack

Silky Hair Mask

This Hair Mask contains Honey Extract, Egg Yolk Extract, and Olive Oil for home care recipe. It improves Hair Softness & Texture. Restore a Healthy Look & Natural Shine.

Main Ingredients:

Egg Yolk - Protein, Vitamin A, Lecithin
Honey - Protein, Vitamin B, Enzyme
Olive Oil - Vitamin E, Polyphenol
The hair mask containing egg yolk, honey, and olive oil extracts supplies nutrients to the hair to make it healthy and glossy.

Pore Clean Bubble Mask

The cleaning mask containing effective extract for pore tightening and remove the skin impurities

Carbonated water, botanic tannin and bamboo charcoal sheet take care of skin impurities, black-head, and dead skin cells and also contained botanic extracts help to deliver the amplifier's rich moisture and nutrients to the skin.

Water-Full Facial Mask

Patented AMF ingredient has the efficacy for preventing vaporization of moisture up to 120 hours.

AMF holds rich moisture, allowing delivery deep into the skin and 9 herbal complex extract refreshes your exhausted skin. Real therapy mask, releasing skin's stress.

Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patch

The hydrogel eye patch containing skin-friendly marine collagen. Containing collagen, the patch-type beauty pack specially designed for the eyes helps to make elastic and bright skin around the eyes only by attaching it under the eyes.

Contained hydrolyzed collagen helps to deliver the rich nutrients and moisture and also calms around the skin of the eye(s).

Butterfly Nose Strip

Butterfly shape sheet contains charcoal and clay extract, getting rid of black-head. Butterfly Nose Strip has a large surface than others, it helps to firmly attach to skin.

Rose Hydrogel Lip Patch

It contains rose water, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and honey extracts, giving the essential nutrient and moist to dry lips and making healthy and beautiful lips.

Soft Hand Mask

It is a glove type hands only mask and contains urea for dead skin cell care, botanic oil and shea butter for moisture, and tocopheryl acetate for radiant hands.

It contains Urea, Shea butter, and botanic oils which help to deliver the amplifier's rich moisture and nutrients to the hand.

Soft Foot Mask

It contains urea for dead skin cells, shea butter and coconut oil for moisture. Soft and moist foot care just by wearing it which contains vegetable oils.

Urea, shea butter, and botanic oils also help to deliver the amplifier's rich moisture and nutrients to the skin.

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Self Aesthetic Magazine
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