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Chica y Chico Urban Princess Aqua Mask - M Review 107

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Chica y Chico Urban Princess Mask thumbnail - M Review 107

I recently tried the Chica Y Chico Urban Princess Aqua mask that was gifted to me by @masksheets_com. I have seen Chica Y Chico and have been wanting to try their masks because their packaging is so nice. When I first saw this mask, I was immediately drawn to the mermaid on the packaging because it makes me think of the ocean & living in San Francisco, I love the beach despite how cold it is.

According to Masksheets, this sheet mask is infused with a multiple complex of seaweed, pearl extracts, and hyaluronic acid to give moisture & nourishment to the skin.

When I first opened the mask packet, I noticed some foaming inside, though it is definitely not a bubble mask. It smelled a bit sweet, but refreshing and not too overwhelming. As I was applying it to my face, it had some popping foam sounds, kind of like when the foam from the ocean hits your legs from the beach. The sound went away after straightening up the mask and the scent didn't linger for too long. 

Chica y Chico Urban Princess Mask mask on - M Review 107

What I noticed about this mask is it is a lot bigger than usual masks that I have used. Because I have a rounder face, most masks end up a bit small for me, but this completely covered my forehead, and I had to fold it quite a bit around the chin area. The clear essence completely soaked the mask, however, there wasn't too much remaining essence in the packet after taking the sheet mask out. 

I kept it on for 15 minutes because it started drying around my nose area. After removing it, there is a slight tacky feeling that doesn't bother me too much and I definitely noticed my face more hydrated a soft compared to when I started because my skin has been on the drier side. 

Thank you Masksheets for sending me this to try! As always, my opinions are 100% my own.

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