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Konjac Jelly: The Smart and Sweet Way to Stay Healthy

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EVERYDAZE Peach Konjac Jelly

2020 is just two months away and everyone is looking forward to making their New Year’s Resolution, including myself. Many of you can probably relate when I say that taking care of your health is high up on your list of resolutions. I’ve made an early resolution to stop eating junk food but it has been difficult when snacking becomes my biggest enemy. Luckily, I’ve been trying out a new snacking alternative that’s actually good for you! 

Konjac Jelly - My Low Calorie, Healthy Substitute for Sugary, Junk Food

For those that are not familiar with konjac jelly, it is a popular drinkable diet snack in many parts of Asia, speciically Korea. I’ve picked up on this trend on my most recent trip to Korea and have seen them in many food marts. Apparently, drinkable konjac jelly is consumed as a low calorie meal supplement to help manage one’s weight by keeping you full in between meals. 

People often think healthy foods compromise in taste, but the one’s I’ve tried are actually delicious and have been a perfect addition to my diet. I don’t feel guilty snacking on these due to the great nutritional value and low calorie count - perfect for late night snacking.

What exactly is Konjac?

Konjac Jelly plant

Konjac (pronounced cohn-yak) is an Asian plant with a starchy root that is high in dietary fiber, called glucomannan. It’s a great dietary supplement that has the following benefits: 

Weight Loss

Diabetes Management

Cholesterol Control

Improved Digestion 

Healthy Skin 

All of these benefits are attributed to the glucomannan dietary fiber. The konjac root can be used in many ways from making powders, pasta, and jellies! 

My Experience: 

Konjac Jelly nutritional facts

For about 2 months, I’ve been adding drinkable konjac jelly to my diet to help manage my weight and control my (often unhealthy) eating habits. Instead of reaching for candy and chips when I am craving a snack, I have been reaching for the EVERYDAZE Essential C’s Konjac Jelly. EVERDAZE mentions that the Konjac Jelly is only 10 calories with no added sugar, which is great for those watching their sugar intake. The yummy and subtle sweet flavor comes from the natural peach extract and flavor - who doesn’t love peaches? 

These konjac jellies also contain vitamin C and collagen which are supposed to add to the many health benefits that this snack has. These ingredients help boosting antioxidants in your body for an enhanced immune system and also strengthening joint support. 

Overall, I’ve noticed that my eating habits have definitely changed with these Konjac Jellies. I find myself not reaching or even purchasing unnecessary junk food and snacks. They are handy to have in your bag and take out whenever you feel hunger coming on. If you are looking for a healthy snack option, I definitely recommend trying these out as well as any other foods made of konjac.  

Until the next one, 

Stay Glowing 

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